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Usb Biometric Scanner


A USB Biometric Scanner performs biometric authentication, which is defined as a process of measuring and analyzing human physical and behavioral characteristics for the purposes of recognition and authentication. A USB biometric scanner can be a very useful security gadget. It works as a fingerprint reader, plugged to the computer via USB, so that only authorized users can access the given machine or network.

There are several very strong advantages related to using a USB biometric scanner. Besides the fact that it drastically improves security, it also eliminates the need to remember different passwords. And, passwords can be guessed or cracked, but that's impossible with a fingerprint. With the simple touch of a finger you can access confidential content on your PC/Network.

In our everyday lives, we often want to keep our own materials from unauthorized access. Our computers are filled with passwords, and we passwords for almost everything now. It's never a good idea to use the same password everywhere as it this possesses a huge security risk. So by using various different, such as Windows login, login for mails, encryption for files, we can get way to confused not knowing what's what. It's a serious challenge to try to remember so many annoying passwords/ But with a USB biometric scanner, those days are long gone.

The Usb Biometric Scanner has a reader whose work is based on the exclusiveness and high security of human fingerprints. Through the Reader, the user can use his own fingerprint to replace annoying passwords or ciphers, and do not need to manage and remember them, which will surely enhance the security level.

Equipped with a usb biometric scanner, only users who are authorized and have completed the fingerprint registration can log in and use the computer. There are also additional functions that can automatically log in for different user's desktop according to the fingerprint information it reads. So depending on whose fingerprint it has detected, the software installed with the usb biometric scanner can load the respective applications. There is also the ability to allow access just to certain portions of the hard drive, again, depending on the fingerprint.

On the existing hard disk, the user can create one virtual partition and fill with his important data. Only when the fingerprint is matched, the user can see and use this partition.

Another interesting feature of USB biometric scanners is the automatic web login. This function is used to save the URL accounts and passwords for the users. The user just has to slide his finger on the Reader and the system will automatically fill in and authenticate his accounts and passwords.

Lathem USB biometric scanner represent a really wise choice. With it, there is no need to memorize a password. Lathem also produces timekeeping clock.

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