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Identix Fingerprint Scanner models empower the identification of individuals in large-scale identity management programs. Identix is a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of deploying identity solutions to the public and private sector. They6 have made installations in all 50 states within the U.S and more than 20 countries around the world.

Here is how an Identix Fingerprint Scanner works in general. Each user who wants to use the protected system must place a fingerprint on a sensor. The client-side adapter sends an authentication request to the server-side adapter which uses the previously enrolled fingerprint stored in the authentication server for comparison.

High-quality fingerprint readers increase security with better authentication. Designed for large-scale enrollment and verification applications, Identix Fingerprint Scanners consistently capture high quality 500 ppi images for more accurate matching and faster processing. Identix produces three different fingerprint reader models - DFR 2080, DFR 2100/2130, DFR 2100/2130. Designed for information security applications, these fast, durable, accurate and low-cost readers can help streamline the authentication process.

BioTouch® 500

The BioTouch 500 is a standalone 500-ppi plug-and-play Identix Fingerprint Scanner that produces a consistent quality image for secure access into network and desktop applications each and every time. This compact device has a USB2 interface for secure access to computer or network systems, and when coupled with the BioLogon® software product, provides real-time feedback on factors such as horizontal and vertical alignment, finger rotation, core quality, destroyed ridgelines and pressure.

DFR® 2080

DFR® 2080 is another fine Identix Fingerprint Scanner providing higher quality fingerprint images for more accurate matching and faster processing. The DFR® 2080 Single Fingerprint Reader combines superior image capture in a rugged, compact design allowing it to fit into tight spaces. Captures images at more than 500 ppi resolution, exceeding FBI Appendix F requirements. Higher contrast, more gray-scale and less noise translate into clearer and more accurate images for maximum matching performance. The ergonomic design of the DFR Readers optimize finger placement and overcome challenges like dry fingers.

DFR® 2100/2130

DFR® 2100/2130 is an Identix Fingerprint Scanner which provides larger platen size and high-quality fingerprint images for more accurate matching and faster processing. This combination delivers higher performance, both in terms of ease-of-use and superior image capture, making these readers the perfect choice for all types of large-scale fingerprint programs covering enrollment, verification and identification. With no silicon pads to change, maintenance is easy and hassle-free.

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