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Apc Biometric Scanner

Apc Biometric Scanner


Apc Biometric Scanner is designed to provide greater security to you and your business. Keeping the data storage safe is a serious consideration nowadays. But since biometrics entered the field, we have made enormous progress and this is definitely a technology worth investing in. APC is mainly a back-up power unit company. APC stands for American Power Conversion. As a global leader in network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, APC sets the standard in its industry for quality, innovation and support. Known for its quality, innovation and industry leading service and support, APC has perhaps the longest list of accolades in its industry. APC Touch Biometric Pod Password Manager

The best selling APC biometric scanner is the APC Touch Biometric Pod Password Manager. It's easy to use, you just have to plug it in on the USB port of your PC or laptop. There is one single Master password for all types of Windows, application, and online passwords. You can register up to 20 different fingerprints with biometric sensor technology. This product biometrically identifies users and gives them convenient access to password protected applications and web sites.

APC Biometric Mouse

The APC Biometric Mouse is inexpensive, easy to use, and the software that comes with it even encrypts the files and folders stored on your PC for increased protection. This APC fingerprint-scanning mouse will securly lock down your PC from prying eyes and keep track of all of your Web passwords. It's specifically designed for people who like to spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, but often forget their login IDs and passwords. With this device, you get a one touch access to all your password-enabled programs and Web sites and can also lock down sensitive information stored on your computer. The password managing software that comes with it is called OmniPass and lets you input up to 20 unique users or fingers to scan. The OmniPass software asks you to register your fingerprint. A small groove at the center of the mouse houses the Apc Biometric Scanner that scans fingerprints. The OmniPass software lets you store an unlimited number of passwords and it works in a really efficient manner. Once you are logged in for the first time, with your fingerprint, an OmniPass pop-up window will emerge from the system tray, anytime you log somewhere, asking if you want to save your login information. Perhaps the only slight disadvantage is that it doesn't support accounting through Mozilla Firefox.

Some APC biometric scanner devices come with an SDK that allow you to create a custom software. The benefit of using a device like that lies in the fact that you will no longer need a smart cart to gain access or remember ID/password combinations.

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