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Lathem Biometric scanners are among the best in the industry. The Lathem company was established way back in 1919 when George Lathem and his son, Louie Sr., began selling time clocks. Lathem's continued success for more than 82 years can be attributed to several factors. Employee pride in the company drives Lathem's commitment to excellence. Employees average 11 years of service with the company, and many have been with Lathem more than 25 years. Lathem Time remains a family-owned and operated company, now into its fourth generation, with 175 employees.

As you can see from the history of Lathem, this company has been involved in the production of clocks and time measuring devices, since day one. Therefore, it's not unusual to see that nowadays, Lathems has joined its interesting in time measurement and biometrics to produce the finest Lathem Biometric scanners.

TouchStation is a Lathem Biometric timeclock which relies on the use of fingerprint technology to instantly identify employees and eliminate costly buddy punching.Employees punch in and out at the terminal with the swipe of a finger for indisputable time and attendance records. Designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees and is expandable to 150. Lathem's TouchStation time and attendance system automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime. Employees punch in and out at the terminal with the touch of a finger. A large display and internal beeper provide employees instant feedback of their in/out status. The TouchStation Biometric Time System uses a touch sensor that stores up to 50 individual fingerprints. It connects directly to your computer and comes with Lathem's PayClock EZ software, which automatically calculates worked hours, including overtime, tracks sick and vacation time and provides 22 informative time and labor reports.

If you do a thorough market research, you will soon come to the conclusion that the products labelled 'Lathem Biometrics' are number one. Such systems are cost effective, ubeatable and one hundred percent reliable. That's why Lathem biometrics is the best choice. Equip your office with them, and your employees will no longer have excuses like forgetting their swipe card or password. And, buddy punching will be made technologically impossible, so what more can you ask for?

There are USB Lathem biometric models small as a mouse, but provide mobile system protection. The device is so small that you can bring it anywhere with you, protecting the computer that it's connected to via the USB cable. In that way, no one can ever make use of your data.

Lathem biometrics sensors produce images to create a profile of your digitalpersona. A lot of reviews are available online, so check them out before buying.


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